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Social Responsibility

As part of the add resins corporate social responsibility programme, the company has elected to support the Eco Children initiative ( Their ethos of educating and creating awareness of the environment works hand-in-hand with add resins who support their stakeholders through education and awareness of their products to assist them in growing their market share.

Eco Children is a non-profit organisation, initiated by the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, which focuses on hands-on environmental education and whole school development.

The organisation operates in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces in north east South Africa, areas with some of the country’s most severe social and environmental issues.

Eco Children sow seeds of change, empowering children by increasing their awareness of conservation; stimulating their desire to learn; improving their learning environment; improving the quality of their education; and providing opportunities for talented learners.

By stimulating an interest in nature and improving learning environments, the organisation strives to have a positive impact on environmental awareness and education amongst the youth in these areas, leading to better conservation and economic outcomes for South Africa.

At Eco Children, it is believed that all children should be given the best possible start in life and that a decent education is a fundamental human right.

The organisation believes that by reducing the burdens of poverty, creating an environment conducive to learning and stimulating curiosity through awareness of the natural world, all children will have the capacity to flourish and become catalysts of positive change in their families and their communities, resulting in both environmental and economic benefits.

The educators are inspired each and every day by the brave, resilient and positive children that they work with and believe that, given a chance, they have the ability to grow and be catalysts for change and help South Africa realise its abundant potential.

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