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May 2019

Issue 16 - May 2019
Add resins Reporter Issue 16 May 2019

The main raw materials used in the production of resin and related product have shown a slight upward movement in US Dollar terms, but should be relatively stable for the remainder of the year. Some price adjustments may be necessary in certain instances, as we have seen some international upward pricing trends, that coupled with the local currency position and related increased costs, will make increased prices a reality.

We will continue our mission of supplying the best quality and consistent products at competitive pricing levels, coupled with the best service and technical backup and support.

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December 2018

Issue 15 – December 2018
Add resins Reporter Issue 15 December 2018

add resins has metamorphosised itself into an extremely efficient and lean enterprise, with a great structure for future growth and the effective national servicing of its Southern African market. We firmly believe that this is the most sustainable model of the future, where low operating costs and efficiency, coupled with the highest quality product offering at competitive pricing, enable us to provide what the market desires.

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August 2018

Issue 14 – August 2018
Add resins Reporter Issue 14 August 2018

add resins has recently made some changes to its operational and personnel structure to ensure the most cost effective and efficient servicing of our customers and the market in general. We welcome M-J Robb to the Gauteng and national team and Michael Purchase, who will be looking after the KZN region.

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April 2018

Issue 13 – April 2018
Add resins Reporter Issue 13 April 2018

add resins is pleased and proud to announce that it has established a distributor relationship for the marketing and supply of industrial elastomers and rigid foam systems from The Dow Chemical Company, better known as Dow, a top global chemical company

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December 2017

Issue 12 – December 2017
add resins Reporter Issue 12 December 2017

Derakane™ epoxy-vinylester resins were developed more than 50 years ago for demanding GRP pipe and vessel applications in chlor-alkali plants. They have subsequently been used in many critical chemical applications and have an enviable and proven track record.

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August 2017

Issue 11 – August 2017
add resins Reporter Issue 11 August 2017

add resins is proud to announce their achievement of their July ISO9001:2015 certification, the launching of the new "Green" Canopy Coat and the background of the branding and logo of the company.

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January 2017

Issue 10 – January 2017
2017 Kicks off with a flurry

2017 has started off with a flurry of activity and hopefully it carries on like this and the SA economy performs better this year.

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December 2016

Issue 9 – December 2016
2016 Final Message, Technical Information and Customer Case History

add resins continuously strives for improvement and adding value through our comprehensive portfolio of quality branded products, many now locally produced. Our aim is to provide this branded quality product with excellent technical backup and service levels, combined with competitive pricing. We also place an incredibly high value on longstanding, loyal relationships and trust, across the board with all our stakeholders.

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November 2016

Lantor Core Materials – Innovative Solutions Supplied by add resins

Lantor offers a comprehensive range of innovative non-woven solutions for the Composites Industry. Lantor Composites has built a solid reputation ever since the company introduced non-woven core materials as a cost saving solution to the Composites Industry.

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Issue 8 - September 2016

Derakane™ epoxy vinylester resins remain the market leader globally

Backed by some 50 years of research, technical knowledge and case histories, Derakane™ resins continue to deliver exceptional, reliable and consistent performance. In this edition we look at the Husab Uranium Project and some of the work that Fibre-Wound SA are doing using Derakane™ resins.

In addition to the Derakane™ resins, a large quantity of ADDpoxy™ CHR1 epoxy resin was used in the flooring system at Husab.

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Issue 7 - June 2016

Winter arrives in the Southern Hemisphere

Winter is here and cold weather can play havoc with the curing and geltimes of Unsaturated Polyester resins. In so far as possible, resin temperatures should be kept stable (18-25°C is recommended). If the resin temperature falls below 18°C it should be heated to a minimum of 18°C before use.

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Issue 6 - March 2016

Welcome to 2016

Styrenated resin products are regarded as special waste in many regions, and must therefore be handled according to local rules and regulations. UP resins waste should preferably be cured before being disposed of. The curing process of such waste must be done in a controlled way to avoid self-ignition.

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Issue 5 - December 2015

add resins and Ashland celebrate milestones in South Africa

In October the South African composites market celebrated together with add resins and its principal, Ashland, cementing a 25 year old relationship in South Africa and 50 years of Derakane™ globally.

Customers got to witness a further industry milestone as add resins and its partner, Ashland, announced that the first INSTINT™ gelcoat colour tinting system in Africa and in fact in the southern hemisphere has been installed at the add resins plant in Sebenza, Gauteng.

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Issue 4 - September 2015

add resins is proud to be associated with Lantor BV, a world leader in non-woven reinforcement technology. An added value and quality product to compliment our composite resins portfolio.

Lantor Coremat™ enables the construction of cost-effective lighter and stiffer GRP laminates.

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Issue 3 - June 2015

For 50 years, Ashland's Derakane resins have defined the standard of excellence in corrosion-resistant fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) applications for chemical processing, water treatment and air pollution control, mineral processing and more.

Invented in 1965 for use in extremely corrosive, hot, wet chlorine environments, Derakane was originally targeted toward the pulp bleaching and waste water markets.

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Issue 2 - March 2015

After many months in developing, ADD Resins is proud to announce a newly in-house engineered product, 'Pro-Tool 470' - a tooling gelcoat for the GRP mould-making process.

Developed on the strength of Derakane 470-300 Momentum, 'Pro-Tool 470' delivers on its promises as it inherits an array of mechanical & physical properties from its well-known base.

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Issue 1 - December 2014

ADD Resins has had an interesting and exciting 2014, some of which is conveyed in this our first newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading it, we will try and keep this and future editions, short, interesting and full of pertinent news.

Firstly, thank you to our loyal and valued customers for their ongoing support and we wish you a well-deserved break over the festive season.

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